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Main Download Package


Euphoria v3.1.1    


Download e31setup.exe
now from:

site #1
(2.1 Mb .EXE file) 

The setup program will give you: an interpreter for Windows (Vista/XP/NT/2000/ME/98/95), a translator for Windows, an interpreter for DOS, a translator for DOS, the complete Euphoria Reference Manual, the Public Domain source code, and numerous example programs.

Simply download the setup program, e31setup.exe, and double-click it. To complete the installation, you need to re-boot your machine.

After installing Euphoria, you will not find a Euphoria icon on your screen. Instead you should refer to section 1.3 of the manual for the various ways of running Euphoria programs on Windows and DOS. (After re-booting, you should be able to double-click the .ex and .exw files in euphoria\demo, to run them.)

Please try out the new features and report any problems to RDS.

You can install the basic Euphoria package and try some simple DOS or Windows console programs, but eventually you should get Win32Lib and the Interactive Development Environment (IDE) so you can develop and run Windows GUI programs. Chris B. has provided this combined installer of Euphoria 3.1.1, Win32lib and the IDE to save you time.

Alternatively, try the new wxEuphoria cross-platform GUI library developed by Matthew Lewis. It lets you write GUI programs that work the same on Windows and Linux.


Euphoria v3.1.1    


Download euphor31.tar
(really .tgz)
now from:

site #1
(1.3 Mb compressed tar file) 

Right-click and choose Save Target As...


Everything you need is contained in euphor31.tar: an interpreter for Linux, a translator for Linux, the Public Domain source code, the complete Euphoria Reference Manual, and numerous example programs.

On Linux type:

tar -xvz -f euphor31.tar

A euphoria subdirectory will be created in the current directory. See readme.doc and installu.doc located inside the euphoria subdirectory.

Note: the file type should really be .tgz or .tar.gz but these types cause problems with some browsers. If you use WinZip to view or extract the files, you must first rename "euphor31.tar" as "euphor31.tgz", or you'll get an error.. On Linux (or FreeBSD), when extracting the files using tar, the z option is essential, unless you first decompress with: gunzip euphor31.tgz

See the release notes for the new features in this release.

After installing Euphoria, check out the Linux programs in the Archive.

And try the new wxEuphoria cross-platform GUI library developed by Matthew Lewis. It lets you write GUI programs that work the same on Windows and Linux.

Other Notes:

  • On some Linux systems, you might need export TERM=ansi in your profile or .bashrc file.
  • If your /tmp directory is not writable, or for other reasons, you may need to use an uncompressed version of backendu. In particular, this might be necessary on a shared Web server when you run CGI programs etc.


The instructions for FreeBSD are the same as for Linux (above), however to install Euphoria on a FreeBSD system (with Intel CPU), use the FreeBSD compressed tar file. It's a complete tar file for the euphoria directory and all subdirectories.

Most of the files are the same as Linux, except for the executable files: exu, ecu, backendu. There's also a different version of ed.ex, and the euphoria/source files have been tweaked in a couple of places to save you time.


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