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WIN Speech Library 31KC Bouzy Jan 25/06   click here to update this entry
A speech library that supports both Text To Speech and Speech To Text. It's easy to use and he has included a few demos. If it crashes, you may need to install the MS Speech SDK 5.1. Jan 25: Voice_Check() in SpeechToText.exw demo has been modified by Bob Thompson to allow vocal input of "percent sign"
WIN speech editor 12KBob Thompson Feb 8/06   click here to update this entry
A basic operational Win32lib.ew demo incorporating speech recognition and text-to-speech. Requires C Bouzy's Speech.dll/Speech.ew, and a speech engine installed. Feb 8: Redundant code removed from "save as" and readme.txt added.
WIN Euspeech 14KJeremy Peterson Dec 23/05   click here to update this entry
Uses a speech dll and Euphoria to make your computer speak files and strings of text. Contains stm.dll and a small example program. He has not tested it because he has no voice engine on his computer. But you can test it and add to it if you like. See also Michael Raley's program
WIN Euphoria JFW Library 41KLouis Bryant Mar 26/06 this program has happy users! 3.00 click here to update this entry
This library allows Euphoria programmers to speak directly to JAWS, a screen reader for the blind providing speech output. For more information on this fabulous screen reader, visit http://www.freedomscientific.com. Everything you need is included in the package. Mar 26: This is only a minor upgrade. It has the variable interrupt changed so you can easily include it and translate it to C without any errors.
WIN the voice of Euphoria 2KMichael Raley Feb 8/05   click here to update this entry
This demo of Matt's Eucom wraps the Microsoft voicetext object to make Euphoria talk. Look in your windows directory for /speech/vtext.dll to see if you can run it.


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